Our Reviews

Scott Maynard
Cambridge has maintained my vehicles in the past and has always done an excellent job. Just last year it was time to replace my vehicle, so I chose them once again. They do great work and their staff is friendly. I trust Cambridge. Ya'all rock!
Anthony Calvillo
I have been a costumer for 14 years. I feel confident that the service is done right. The ride to work , and pickup is very convenient.
Jennifer Mecklenburg
They took advantage of me.... I guess they assume that a single girl has no car knowledge. They completely lied to me saying that I needed all my catalytic converters replaces, my breaks replaced, my air conditioner motors replaced and several other issues. The bill to fix only a few things was quoted as over 2,000.00$. I ended up selling it to a friend for a great price and he has fixed everything himself. No new catalytic converters required (only spark plugs), did not need breaks replaced, did not need a new motor for the AC, just a couple new wires. So I gave them 100$ for them to keep my truck all day and lie to me. You pissed off the wrong person. I will never use your "services" again and will never recommend you to anyone.... and trust me, I know a lot of people looking for new mechanic shops.
Carey Chambers
Julia VF
Great experience at Cambridge. Just brought in Lexus for "unknown" electrical issue. They helped me out, didn't overcharge, and offered car service to/from my house, same day. Car was also cleaned and washed upon pickup. Highly recommend.
Celia Crowder
As usual, the Cambridge Auto service for my Lincoln Navigator was excellent! The customer service was, also, great! I really appreciate the advise they give me. I will continue to take my vehicles there for their good service.
Phil Cameron
Compared to any business, let alone an auto service business, I couldn't rate Cambridge Auto Center high enough. I let them know I couldn't afford to fix everything on an old Xterra I brought in, but to please get her road worthy. They reviewed in detail my options, costs, and time and performed exceptionally. They were fair, honest, and performed exceptional work. They have a customer service model any business would envy. To the Cambridge team, well done and thank you. My Xterra is still running great.
Jane O'neill
The only place I will take my cars!
Robert Rivera
I took my fiancée's car in to get some work done. They quickly found the issue and also caught a couple more issues that could've cost a whole lot more if they werent taken care of in time. Wayne was super helpful and kept us up to date the entire process. Would definitely recommend!
Kyle Contreras
Cambridge Auto deserves its 5-star rating! They are some of the friendliest folks around, and make you feel welcome. Their work has been excellent, and I never worry that a problem with my car will sneak up on me. I love their 24-month warranty and it gives me extra peace of mind.
allen townsend
2010 Ram pick up. Engine would not start. Cambridge stated I needed to spend $9,000 for new motor. I called everyday to ask for other options. On the 3rd day, I said I will pay you to disassemble to the point of being sure. They agreed for $600. They found loose valve. They charged an additional $700. I have used ever since and that was 2 years ago. I liked Steve Gerline so I trusted his old business, his son is operator since Steve's passing. Never review anyone. I waited since they knew me. Beware, stay away. They come across with empathy and concern as they do a reach around to your wallet. Very smooth.
Jada Davis
DO NOT GO HERE THEY WILL RUIN YOUR CAR AND TAKE YOUR MONEY. If I could give them zero stars I would. I'm a student and I went in to have a service done on my car that cost me $500+, when I paid I was hoping I wouldn't have to worry about my car ever again. once they ran a diagnostic on my car they told me I needed an oil change, which is not true at all because prior to my car being serviced here I got an oil change not even a month ago. When I got my car back the check engine light came on immediately. Im not too familiar with cars and I just brushed it off because I couldn't afford another service on my car. 2 weeks later my car broke down in the middle of the freeway. When the tow man arrived he looked at my car and SAID THERE WAS NO OIL IN MY ENGINE. Cambridge auto shop was the only place that I had been to since I came to San Antonio. The mechanics there drained my oil out of my car. Now that I finally had a trustworthy mechanic look at my car I have to pay$1500 for a new engine, if I can afford. DO NOT GET YOUR CAR SERVICED HERE THEY ARE SUPER EXPENCIVE AND THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WOMEN WHO ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH CARS.
Patrick Bruner
You can expect consistent, high quality care for your vehicle at Cambridge Auto. You will also enjoy honest and clear advice regarding the best solution for you problem!
Gerard Gawrys
Great place and this is why I have been coming here for over three years. High quality service and very professional staff,
Mary Inman
Rachel Santos
Cambridge Auto Center was awesome! They got me in and out quickly. Tony, the sales manager, was very nice. He explained everything to me and made sure I was happy with the service.
Tony Barrera
Fantastic customer service however.. expect unreasonable quotes. I brought my vehicle here for a diagnostics on the ignition. My vehicle was having trouble starting. I was provided a quote of ~ $950 to replace the camshaft and crank sensors. I thought that this was high given that it is just a replacement of the sensors. I told them I would do some research and get back to them. After calling around and checking the price on parts, I was quoted $450 at most other shops including dealerships. The parts alone came out to $285 then 3 hours for labor. I figured $100 per hour which should have come out to a total of $585. Yet somehow I was being quoted almost a grand at Cambridge. When bringing this up, I was unable to get a straight answer on why their parts prices were higher and why the labor was so high; the answer I received was "well we are the best in town". I tend to avoid dealership service at all costs but it turned out to be significantly less expensive for the same repair. I cannot speak to their work but judging others' reviews, they must be spot on. However, they need to work with their customers and negotiate a fair price after the consumer provides reasoning after their research. ~$525 at the dealership for the same repair that Cambridge was trying to get $950 for. I will not be bringing my fleet of vehicles here based on this experience. One thing to note however, their diagnostics for $99.95 is well worth it. They provide a very nice summary of everything that is wrong with your vehicle that can then be taken to other shops for more reasonable prices.
Karl Shaffer
Great service. Would definitely use Cambridge Auto again.
Simeon Sutton
Cambridge is a shop I trust. They are transparent about the work needed and always respectful and professional.
Floyd Jones
I have been brining my car here for a while now and have been pleased with the service I have received. Yes, sometimes when I've taken my car in I get thrown a "curve ball" and the service advisors indicate there is additional recommended work so I end up paying more than I thought I would. However, their approach is to stress preventative maintenance and the fact that I have had my car for ~11 yrs and it has never broken down on me (knock on wood) says something about the value of that. In terms of prices I acknowledge they may charge more than what some other garages/shops in town do. I think anyone who works in the service industry knows that, if you have to stand by your product like they do, you need to shell out the $$ to get what you know will work. Likewise, if you want to get and keep good staff you need to pay them enough that it is worth their while to stay. Therefore, I don't fault them for maybe charging more since I am confident I'm not taking my car in at my own risk.
Dylan Chittenden
Outstanding service! Called me the moment my vehicle had been diagnosed. Took 7 days to receive and fix my vehicle when I assumed it would be about 10-14 business days. I will be back for any of my auto needs.
Debra Dunning
Josephine De Ruiter
Shannon Warren
I've been taking my car here for years. The thing that most impressed me was that when I took my car in one time, they proactively mentioned that one of the services needed was something they worked on in the past. I was not charged for that part of the service because they warranty their work. I hadn't remembered that I had this service done, so they could have charged me and I wouldn't have realized that they shouldn't. It is rare to find that sort of integrity in a car repair shop.
Andre Eley
I brought my car in to this shop to have it tested for leaking valve seals because when I would start my car it would blow smoke upon ignition. They tech called me saying that it blew out a great deal of smoke when he started the car up which I had already informed him. He told me that it could be a number of problems and couldn't tell me if it was leaking valve seals without taking the motor apart. When I went to pick my vehicle up they repeated what I had already told them and said it would be $99 for the diagnostic fee. I had a problem with paying this fee because they had done nothing with my vehicle but tell me the problem that I told them I was having. I had another problem with paying this fee because the tech didn't even bother to scan my computer for the 'check engine light' that I had. So now they want me to pay a $99 diagnostic fee and they didn't even scan my check engine light which is probably the first step in doing a "Diagnostic". This shop didn't even do the bare minimum but take 5 minutes to point out the obvious to charge me $99 for a hour diagnostic.
Calvin Finch
Valente Ramirez
Wallace Dierolf
My wife and I have been taking our cars to Cambridge for a over fifteen years. Great people, friendly, professional and honest. We have always followed their recommendations on maintenance which has resulted in our cars running great for years. I trust them completely and enjoy every visit.
Sam Vanaman
Service was good and the price was fair. Wayne, our contact at the shop, was congenial and tried to keep us in the know about what was going on with repairs. Finding a trust worthy mechanic shop is like a needle in a haystack and Cambridge seems to be one of the rare breed.
Brian Matew
Excellent service thank you saved me alot of money