Our Reviews

Brian/kimberly Kennedy
Very friendly staff. Great customer service. Timely repairs.
Nelda Lincecum
I would give the staff & owners of Memorial Drive Tire and Auto TEN STARS AND MORE!!! They have been so professional and friendly to me when I have needed advice as well as car repairs. The "rides home" are much appreciated. Congratulations to you and your team. Nelda Lincecum
Glenn Heumann
My auto service this past week was exceptional. After driving for several weeks with a check engine light on, I decided to take Friday as a vacation day and called Memorial Tire & Auto that morning to see if I could get an appointment. David answered and said no problem, bring it in. They offered me a ride home but I had my son there with a 2nd car. A couple hours later, David called with a report of why the engine light was on, reviewed the costs and confirmed that the car would be ready before the end of the day if I wanted to proceed with replacing the thermostat and recharging the antifreeze. I agreed, and as promised, received a call at 5:00 PM that the car was ready. As customary, Memorial Tire & Auto credited an AAA discount. The experience was positive and the staff was easy to do business with. I recommend them for your auto service needs.
Cynthia Brown
As always, my most recent oil change was done professionally and quickly. I appreciate the reminder that it was time once again for service - I had completely forgotten to make an appointment with the craziness of the holiday, but Nancy contacted me with the reminder. When I called for an appointment, I was quickly scheduled. I highly recommend Memorial Drive Tire and Auto!
Joseph/laura Beggins
With every visit to Memorial Drive Tire & Auto our faith is renewed in old-fashioned "good work" that isn't always the norm these days. Most recently we were impressed to learn that the service we needed was still under warranty. They charged us nothing for the research to find that out and referred us on to the dealership. Mighty impressive but, at the same time, pretty standard, really - these folks are friendly and professional, speedy and honest. What more can you ask?
Laura B.
With every visit to Memorial Drive Tire & Auto our faith is renewed in old-fashioned "good work" that isn't always the norm these days. Most recently we...
Ellen Vasta
awesome service. Highly recommended.
Sharon Hendricks
Always pleased with the service and will continue to be your customer.
Adaugo N
Beyond disappointed with the service here, and their prices are padded. I visited this auto repair shop because my TPMS light started blinking 3 days before this visit. After waiting for their diagnosis, they told me TWO of my sensors were faulty, & will cost $285 to fix. I was skeptical because I didn't understand how TWO sensors will go bad within 3 days, and why it should cost that much. I left, and went elsewhere. The other auto repair shop I went to told me it was ONE sensor. They showed me the diagnosis to show that it was ONE sensor, and got it fixed for $64. Meaning Memorial Drive Tire & Auto tried to charge me more that 4 times the price. Additionally, the people in the office were quite polite, but the men working on cars outside seemed very uninterested and just ready to go home. Disappointed.
Ken Glover
Memorial Tire & Auto consistently provides us with professional, honest, reliable, and friendly service.
Jane Hayes
Great stuff! Great service!
I was completely taken care of. Thank you. I will be back and tell everyone I know how nice and competent you are. David went the extra mile for me.
My experience was great. The staff was nice and friendly and the service was fast. I plan to return there for every oil change.
Excellent: Very friendly, great attitudes, prompt service, little wait time. A good place!
Good, as it always is
I passed by to Memorial Tire and Auto this morning as I had a low pressure tire on the way to the office which was scaring me a bit as I recently had a nail in one tire. The team there was really great in managing my expectations on the time it would take for them to check the car. They offered me a ride to the office if I needed it. After they checked my tires properly, they found that I had a leak around the water pump. The guy did some tests on it after asking for my approval and found the water pump had to be replaced. He also gave me all good advices on when it had to be done and where. I really appreciated the professionalism of the team here. Definitely the place I'll go again if I have something else with my tires!
Very personable and efficient
Always receive great service here.
I was very pleased at Memorial Drive Tire and Auto! I have enjoyed the work at Memorial Drive Tire and Auto...the employees are very special and they are the best! Thank you!
Always get such prompt and friendly service when I arrive, even for just a free air pressure check on a low tire. I am grateful still have some "full service" businesses left.
Work done on time and quoted estimate.
$1700 work done. Picked up car at 10:00 am at 2:26 pm got a call that tire lug nuts MAY NOT be torqued correctly. By that time I was 20 miles from Dallas. I appreciate the call but question quality control procedure. I pulled into a Discount Tire and had the torque checked. It is ok.
I left my car there for an inspection while I was away for the afternoon. Of course it was ready when I arrived to pick it up right at 6:00. David had called to tell me a recommendation, so that was done in time for me to not have to wait a minute. Both David and Doug are easy to deal with and I am always pleased with the service they provide on a timely basis and in such a pleasant manner. E. Hutzelman
Great store, great team and great service. I would recommend Memorial Drive Tire & Auto to anyone looking for a decent car shop on the west side.
Reliable, trustworthy, and professional service
Top notch service, fair pricing; what more can you ask for?
I appreciate an honest judgement of time when I call to schedule my oil change. Thank you forgetting it done in a timely way even on short notice!
I have been using this business for years. Not only is it convenient, but the staff are all amazing. I had bought a new car, so I didn't know if anyone would remember me, but when I walked in David said, "Hi, Ms. Taylor. How's your Envoy?" I couldn't believe it -- but then I can't remember yesterday! And there was Doug being his usual jovial self. I left with a smile on my face -- the service was great as was the company!
Ron G.
BEWARE!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!! BEWARE!!!! This place overcharges customers as a regular practice. I took my truck to this place to get my inspection done. A little background info: I had taken my truck earlier in the year to Firestone to get a complete check, they changed belts, rotated/balanced tires, check fluid levels etc...my 2002 Toyota Tacoma was running like new. However when I walked into this place they had me wait 45mins only to tell me that I had $1574.52 worth of repairs to do BEFORE I could get my inspection sticker. Needless to say I left and went to another place PASSED my inspection and was out in 30mins!!!......Did I mention this was all the SAME DAY!!! I showed the guy the bill from this place and all he could do was shake his head. This place is a scam and I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau they TRIED to take advantage of us and I bet they take advantage of a lot of other people. The shop is located in the energy corridor/Memorial area so people have lots of disposable income but nobody deserves to have their hard earned money taken from them in such a unscrupulous way. DON'T GO HERE!!!!!!
Everyone was wonderful and extremely helpful. David was exceptional.