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DJ Chong
bayardo garcia
$79 for a used 02 toyota corolla tire. Are you SEROUS?!
john parra
(Translated by Google) Good price and excellent service sincere recommends what you really need to go for it ... (Original) Excelente servicio buen precio y sinceros te recomienda lo que de verdad necesitas te lo recomiendo...
Briseis Garcia
juan Ramirez
(Translated by Google) Please please do not spend your time and your money bad bad service .I was just more than hour oil change and after That Time They tell me. I need to wait more time worst service. Please do not waste your time and money on this place go away over two tours for an oil change and worst never I changed the oil always say 20 minutes will not give me 20 minutes play time of one and then two hours of waiting I never changed the oil I left that place also has only. Four seats q one expects and if there are people waiting outside your turn I stand please do not go to this place not recommend bye (Original) Please please do not spend your time and your money bad bad service .I was more than hour just oil change and after that time they tell me. I need to wait more time worst service . Por favor no gastes tu tiempo y tú dinero en este lugar ve a otro lado más de dos giras para un cambio de aceite y lo peor nunca me cambiaron el aceite siempre dicen 20 minutos no dame 20 minutos más juegan con el tiempo de uno y después de dos horas de esperar nunca me cambiaron el aceite me fui de ese lugar además solo tiene. Cuatro sillas para q uno espere y si ya hay gente te toca esperar afuera parado por favor no vayan a este lugar no lo recomiendo bye
Always fair and honest with me and sometimes provide minor services at no cost. Have been coming for years and I definitely recommend them.
Dayron Font
$850 to change a fuel pump bought my own at Advance Auto Parts changed it in the parking lot with a piece of rebar and the knife through an access panel that was already there in 15 minutes pump cost me $250 I wanted to pay somebody so that I wouldn't have to do it in the rain I did it in the rain anyway stay away from this place grossly overpriced
Pedro Cardenas
Exellent service, fair prices, and honest people....
Anthony st peter
Took my car in because I couldn't get my oil filter off during a self serviced oil change and was told it would cost 1 hour of labor at 89.00. I was expecting to pay the price of a full oil change but not paying almost double that for fifteen minutes of work of pulling off a stuck oil filter. Can't help but feel ripped off and taken advantage of because of the predicament I was in with my car.
darian hidalgo
Glorimar GF
Excellent service and customer service, thanks.
Jose Labrada
Glorimar GM
Excellent service and customer service, thanks.
Maria Figuerola
miguel gonzalez
Brian P.
Great and fast service. If they said that your car will be in 1 hr it will be. Friendly and knowledgeable team that will explain in great detail what is needed to be done. The pricing is amazing...!!!
Jose Esteban
Great service!! And great price. I've been coming here for quite sometime now, last visit was to change my CV-JOINTS on my truck and they were fast, efficient and great price. I'm coming back!
Massiel M.
Being that it's hard to find a good shop now in days, this shop has always been honest, helpful and very economical!
Luis Marisy Sr.
Roberto Murazzo
Herman Gaviria
Farah Southwell
Good customer service, decent waiting time & pricing, gave me helpful suggestions & offered me discount on extra service that my car needed.
Dios Hernandez
tomasa alonso
Fatkisses Karen
They are always very professional.
Daniel Molina
Good honest guys and very helpful. Got me out of a serious jam
Joseph P.
I went in the change either the cabin air filter or the engine filter. I told the gentleman at the front I wasn't sure which one it was and he said they would take a look at it and the estimate time would be an hour and a half to take my car in. I did see they were busy but I agreed and stayed. As I waited they even offered pastelitos and coffee for the customers! How great is that! Before replacing the piece they showed me both filters and told me only the engine filter needed to be replaced. I appreciate that they were honest and didn't just lie and make me replace both, they showed me both filters. Not only were they very professional but I was in and out of the shop in less than the hour and half they had said just to take the car in. Great service!