Our Reviews

L Jenison
It is always a great surprise to find a wonderful business that you are happy to endorse, and I am doing so very happily. Give them a try, you won't be sorry.
Excellent mechanic shop. Recently, I brought our 2004 Honda Civic for timing belt and water pump replacement. During the procedure, Larry notified me that there was also a problem with some of the seals that were causing oil to seep onto the timing belt. He took pictures and sent them to me. This was a great comfort in knowing that the additional work was justified and helped me in approving it.The shop also took great care in minimizing our cost for things that didn't need to be done or replaced. I have a fair degree of mechanical experience with cars and having done my homework on pricing, I knew that Larry was very reasonable and fair in his assessment of what needed to be done and the associated cost. I highly recommend his shop for the quality of their workmanship, professionalism and fairness.
David And Lise Busby
Great service! Very flexible in accommodating customer needs & schedule!
Russell W.
I have been coming to Larry' Independent for the last 2.5 years. They are friendly and provide great service at a reasonable cost. My wallet and my Lexus ES 350 are very thankful.
Alwin Springer
I have been a long time customer with Larry and can tell anybody, he is the best! The service technicians and his personal attention are very hard to find somewhere else and I certainly really appreciate it. Alwin Springer
Susan T.
We've been coming to Larry for over 25 yes. A.ways excellent service. Fixes any problem right the 1st time. Quick turn around. So far he's worked on 5 different cars for us. Prefer him over any dealership. We have Toyota and Fords.
Les And Dawn Jenison
Larry was the only place that was able to diagnose a problem with our Infinity (out of 4 places that we took the car) and that, along with their customer service, follow-up, pricing, etc has turned us into full-time customers. Give them a try - you won't be sorry! Les and Dawn Jenison
Judy Lewis
Larry's has really taken care of both me and my car. They look it over and check for any problems. They make suggestions and give a time line. They've even given me a ride home when it was going to take a while. They are very reliable!
Joe W.
I needed to take in a 2008 Mazda3 for a check engine light/bad thermostat, Larry's provided excellent service at a very competitive price and had it done right on time as quoted! He beat 2 dealer quotes by ALOT and 3 other indy repair shops as well. I also like that his shop is AAA approved repair center. Thanks Larry i'm sure well be back for future services or repairs.
Al Ferazzi
Another positive experience at Larry's. The 85K service I received on my Lexus was completed in a timely manner and at a very fair price. The service I receive continues to be excellent...
Todd C.
We lucked out. Came in for our first service appointment with Larry on a Saturday morning. Larry and his wife, Jennifer, were very attentive. Had just bought our 17 year old a used Prius and Larry was very patient checking it out thoroughly, asking the right questions and helping us determine what work needed to be performed. With my Highlander, he checked out the previous service records and made sure he knew what really needed to be done given the higher mileage. All-in-all, very customer service oriented and a nice family run business atmosphere.
David Acuna
I wouldn't want to take my cars to any other place than Larry's. His shop is 100% consistent at taking care of my vehicles and providing me with top notch professionalism and honesty.
Frank & Tina Mowrer
Excellent service at Larry's. We are always given information about what the problems are and what the cost will be to complete the job. Larry and his staff kept us informed about any changes in the job and when the car would be ready. We will go back to Larry's for future car repairs.
Mark Griewahn
Always a friendly experience at Larry's. Knowledgeable and professional.
Unknown Customer
Unknown Customer
David And Lise Busby
Larry was highly recommended to us a few years ago by a previous mechanic we had for many years. His advice was right on. We have been very happy with Larry and his staff with great service, professionalism, and knowledge. Larry goes out of his way to be helpful. We would highly recommend Larry's Independent Service to friends and family!
Jim N.
I needed a headlight bulb changed and called Larry. He took the vehicle Yr Make model and said to call him after 9:00 the next day before I wished to come in. He gave me a quote and when I called and went in the service was done in 20 min. For the quote price.
Kay K.
Trust, honest, quality and many other superlatives would describe Larry and his crew. I've been using his services for over 35 years and know that when he says something should be repaired, then maybe it should be. And I've never been disappointed with his recommendations or his work.
Steve Hendren
We have known Larry for a very long time and have regularly taken our cars there for service for probably about 20 years by now! Larry is a straightshooter and always informs us of his findings and suggestions to help keep our five cars running and in top shape. What has kept us with Larry for all of these years is not only the professional work he performs, but his honesty and integrity as well. I highly recommend Larry's Independent Service to anyone looking for an honest and very capable car repair company! Steve Hendren Laguna Niguel
Alex P.
The first time I went it was smooth and nothing remarkable- I hardly remember the visit. But the second time I went- without a coupon this time- the services were performed in a timely manner but problems began when the was in the shop. They asked me if I wanted to replace burned-out headlight- the light I had replaced myself less than three months ago and was working the night before. I wasn't gonna pay $30 for something I can do in five minutes on my own - I know I don't look like a car guy but I'm not stupid. Then hours after leaving the shop my check engine light came on. At least the windshield wiper replacement was cheap (that's the only reason I did it) and was fine.
Marc W.
Larry has helped us tremendously. He is dedicated to his clients. He is honest, straightforward, and thorough. He is not afraid to be frank and helped...
Norm D.
This used to be a good repair shop and I have used them for many years, but my visit two weeks ago was not good. They tried to sell me services that were not needed. Wheel bearing needed replacing and they wanted to replace the hub as well, even though they had not inspected it. Turns out it did not need replacing. Then Larry had the advisor call me back 5 min. later to remind me that when one wheel bearing goes out, the other will soon follow (not true) and he recommended replacing the other side. I said no. The shop called back later and said the front brake pads needed to be replaced ASAP and the rotors as well, since they were under spec thickness. I told him the brakes had never been touched and the car only has 33,000 miles on it, so how could the rotors be under spec. He said the pads just wear them down. Also not true. I declined the brake work. After picking up my car, drove it around the corner to one of the top rated repair shops in OC (A-Z Tech Automotive) and they machined the rotors (They were obviously not under spec) and replaced the pads with factory OEM pads for $100 less than Larry's quoted price. Update. Larry contacted me about this review. Wanted me to bring my car back so they could recheck the rotor thickness. Did so and he claims they are now just under spec (after having been machined) and based on the mechanics notes, were slightly under spec when he measured them. He blames the other problems on a part-time service advisor that is not overly knowledgeable. What? I think the buck stops with Larry. I have revised my rating up to 2 stars based on Larry taking the time to follow up.
Ann Marie Dryden
The team does such a great job here. I have been telling all my coworkers about them.
Leisa Reid
I have taken my car to Larry's Independent Service for 2 years now and have referred my mom too. My mom was new to the area and was very happy to find a mechanic who was honest and communicative with her. We both have had excellent service and appreciate the staff going above and beyond to make us feel comfortable when we are there.
Debbie Hallgarten
Larry Ray is very knowledgeable. I took my Honda Accord to him for service and was very pleased with the work and the professional and courteous way with which I was treated. I highly recommend Larry's independent Service if you want quality and trusted service.
Sandie S.
Love Larry, he is Honest and his entire staff of Licensed Mechanics are amazing. If your in South Orange County and are looking for reliable mechanics, Larry is the guy you take your car to. I called to see if I could make an appointment or bring my car in to have my brake light looked at and my headlight. Both on the drivers side. I figured the Fuse or Bulbs are out. Larry said, bring it in after lunch we'll take care of you. And, they did
Elliott M.
These guys are great - had an issue that needed to be sorted ASAP and they turned it over in under 2 days. Special mentions to Larry who seems a proud and genuine guy - he called to discuss repair recommendations/options a few hours after dropping my Subaru off plus Carlos who answered the phone initially, said he could work us in and was very considerate offering us a lift home when we became carless. I was especially impressed when after an initial recommendation that was too pricey and extensive Larry's said they would call me back with a bare-bones repair plan, and did so without any fuss or snideness. Although a simple job the car is once again fine and they made a customer happy... cheers guys!
Marc B.
I took my wife's Honda Odyssey into Larry's shop today. On 24 hours notice, Larry's crew was able to easily handle what needed to be done and provide a list of items which need immediate attention. Of course, my wife is happy because her car is going to be fun to drive again but for me, the quality of workmanship and professionalism shown by this crew of specialists is exactly why I continue to take our cars to Larry's. Thank you again Larry, Carlos and gang for a great job!
Sharon Z.
We've been taking our vehicles to Larrys for years! If you're looking for a honest trust worthy mechanic, Larrys independence is where you need to go! Best OC shop you'll ever find! They tell it like it is, (good or bad) and recommend your best option to go with! There's no pushiness or charges that aren't previously explained! The staff is awesome as well, and trust me you won't be disappointed! Thank you Larry!