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Pemberly s.
Still going here and he is still the most honest and sincere mechanic we have ever been to. Everyone here is so nice, with a good sense of humor. Thanks Larry for everything!
Joanna K.
I have always received excellent service here! I highly recommend Larry's Independent Service because of its courteous staff and skilled mechanics.
pat nelson
this guy is terrible. he doesnt know the meaning of warranty and integrity. ask him why he lost his affiliation with AAA
Shahram S.
Great service, great people. I am never disappointed with Larry's independent. They are honest and reliable and get the job done!! Always recommended
Marcus Brener
This is the second time I have taken my vehicle to Larry's shop. I have always been treated with the highest level of accommodation and professionalism. When I felt that the pre-bill was going to be too high, they found a way to ensure that the items which needed to be done were handled and suggestions were provided for those items which could be delayed. This literally saved me hundreds of dollars. I do truly appreciate the work, timeliness and honesty of Larry, his front office manager Bob and the crew in the back. As our ex-Governor has been quoted to say, "I'll be back!"
Marian ONeal
Larry's Independent Auto repair has been terrific to work with for years! We have taken in all of our cars and feel very confident with the up keep and care of the cars. Larry has been honest,always calls with an estimate,picks up the car or takes me home prior to service and after, and even has a loaner when needed. With my busy schedule and my families hectic pace is definitly helps us keep up the maintenance on all of our cars and SUV.His prices our fair, and he will let you know what items can wait and what needs immediate attention. I would highly recommend Larry's Independent Service!
Brandt Anderson
I've been going to Larry for five years and have always had a great experience. It's never fun to have to go to the mechanic but Larry has always made it much more pleasant than it could have been. The prices are more than fair and the turnaround time is on par or better than anyone I've ever used before. Larry is always upfront and honest. Yes, it sucks to have to have your car repaired and pay a bunch of money. So, yes it's not always the best of circumstances and I would love for it to cost less. But no one is going to do it for free. I haven't found anybody I like better than Larry and I've been driving cars and going to mechanics for several decades.
S S.
I have had quite a time finding a great shop for my car and my search is finally over. I have a Honda Prelude which started having some starting problems. I took it to two shops and was given almost an instant response that I need a new starter. They quoted me immediately and did not even take the time to really evluate the problem. I found Larry's shop from a recommendation from a neighbor. I took it there and they were the first to want to take time to evaluate the problem. After they took it in and performed the evaluation, I think about 30min, they concluded that it was an electrical issue that could be resolved shortly. I can't tell you how much less expensive this repair was compared to replacing the entire starter. I was very impressed with the shop actually diagnosing the problem before just changing a part like the other shops wanted to do. Thanks guys. Also, there actually is a Larry and he is in the shop!! Highly recommended!!
Pete J.
It seems like it takes forever to find a good mechanic. I found one I can both trust and appreciate. Larry's Independent Service is fairly priced (it's not the cheapest shop around or the most expensive) and they're honest. They've saved me money from needless brake repairs to the 100K mile service. I take pride in my cars and Larry's matches it. I recommend Larry's to anyone looking for a good, decent and honest mechanic.
Amber Flores
My car was leaking gas due to the negligence of my prior auto service techs. I was scared and panicked but Larry and his guys helped me in a hurry. They got me back on the road the very next evening. The cost was affordable the team was helpful and overall I am satisfied! THANKS GUYS!
Fred Farr
I've been having my 2010 Lexus RX350 serviced at Larry's for the last 2 years and I am very happy. The team is courteous and the work is done promptly and much cheaper than the dealer. I will continue to use them and recommend them highly.
David H.
Bringing in my car for service has never been a fun experience and I don't expect it to be. I just expect that the shop I bring it to doesn't try to rip me off. I definitely did not feel taken advantage of at Larry's. I had my honda serviced here recently using one of their promo coupons. While there I had them look at a few other problems that I had been ignoring over the past few months. What was really cool is that they didn't just tell me what was wrong and how much it cost to repair, they actually took me back into the shop and "showed" me what was happening. I really appreciated that. On a side note...one of the cleanest shops that I've seen. That alone tells a lot about a mechanic. I've always taken that into consideration when judging a mechanic. I will definitely continue to go here.
Sharon M.
The staff at Larry's Independent are very dependable and most of all honest. I've always feared of going to auto repair shops because I would not know if the mechanics are honest. It is great to know that I can trust the staff at Larry's and that I drive my car without worry because it is well maintained at this shop. I will definitely recommend Larry's Independent to my friends and family.
K V.
I will try to keep this short but a good read too. My wife called me saying the brakes on her SUV are making noise and I need to take it in for a brake job. I said I will do it soon and then decided to check the reviews here and ran into Larry's Independent (dis)Service and recalled that I got the brakes done with them last time. I had dropped off my car and in an hour or two he called saying I need this and that and ran up the bill to almost $600. This was about 2 1/2 years ago. It was an emergency and I clearly recall checking all the glorious reviews of this place. I was not happy with how much it cost to change the brake-pads and some other brake flush or other crap which was probably not needed. I had checked the reviews later on and noticed that they were all written around the same time, most likely by Larry himself. Well, funny I ran into his reviews and they are more balanced now though I trust the single star ones more than the 5 star ones based upon my one and only experience there. Back to searching for honest mechanic now.
Brad M.
GREAT GUYS, GREAT SERVICE. I am a real customer, i have an older car (1997) that I love and Larry has NEVER steered me wrong. Each time I have the car serviced, they check everything and report what they find. Larry personally reviews everything and helps me prioritize the repairs (what has to be repaired now, what can wait, etc. I have an acquaintance at Toastmaster's that uses Larry and he says the same thing - perhaps a little more than you want to spend each time, but Larry and his guys keep the car running like it should. Definitely worth it! If you read the other reviews slamming Larry's Independent Auto Service, it seems obvious to me that the review was written by a competitor. Follow the directions in the review and you'll know who they are. Yelp should remove those self-serving reviews. I have receipts to prove I am a regular, satisfied customer and the attacks on my favorite repair shop ticks me off. I live quite a ways away now, and still plan to have Larry check and service my car from time to time.
A Google User
If I could give less than half of a star, I would. My car has been at Larry's off and on for the past 30 days. The last stretch was a full two weeks. I was never offered a loaner, nor was an offer made to pay for car rental for any part of that time; not even one day. My life has literally been turned upside down from my experience at Larry's. I have missed classes, driven an hour out of my way every day for two weeks to share a car with my boyfriend, and still do not have a fixed car. The day I finally picked it up, the engine light came on. After spending $3K, I could have made a down payment on a new car. My old car is not even close to worth that. I am writing this to save others from what I have gone through.
Lisa B.
If I could give less than half of a star, I would. My car has been at Larry's off and on for the past 30 days. The last stretch was a full two weeks. I was never offered a loaner, nor was an offer made to pay for car rental for any part of that time; not even one day. My life has literally been turned upside down from my experience at Larry's. I have missed classes, driven an hour out of my way every day for two weeks to share a car with my boyfriend, and still do not have a fixed car. The day I finally picked it up, the engine light came on. After spending $3K, I could have made a down payment on a new car. My old car is not even close to worth that. I am writing this to save others from what I have gone through.
Tetsuro P.
You know, I don't even know if Larry is a real guy or not but what I do know is that he is pissing me off! There is nothing honest about these guys. I am willing to wager that the 2 positive reviews on this page are from personal friends of owner. So while I was on a business trip here in California, I decided to use this place. While I was driving to Orange County from Las Vegas I began to hear a grinding sound whenever I hit my breaks. It was obvious that one of my break pads were worn out. Also, it had been over 3000 miles since I changed my oil, and since I was on business I didn't have the luxury of changing it myself. So, I wanted to replace a worn brake pad and get an oil change. I got my referral to this place by your generic Orange County middle age man who wears a Harley Davidson shirt and talks about Jesus all the time. Maybe it wasn't the best place to get auto advice from. Let me tell you something first. All the 1-star reviews here hit it dead on! I experienced every single problem that the other reviewers complained about. First of all, they didn't change my oil because I didn't want them to after I talked with whoever the f*ck it was that was working there. He wanted to charge me almost like a hundred bucks for an oil that wasn't even synthetic. Here in Clark County, it's easy to find a place that only charges you $10 for 4.5 quarts of oil, oil filter, with air pressure and tire rotation thrown in for free.. And Larry wanted to charge me a fortune for half the service. Now, this is what really pisses me off... my oil plug almost fell off a few minutes after I left this place. There was a large amount of oil dripping out from the area around the plug. What the hell were they doing? I know you ain't supposed to screw on the oil plug too tight, but these guys apparently didn't screw it on at all. Second, why the hell were they even screwing around with the thing when I told them I didn't want an oil change from them? Could you imagine if that oil plug fell off when I driving back to Nevada in the middle of that lifeless desert? You know, I have been changing oil since I was a teenager and I ain't no professional mechanic and I've never made a serious error like that. Also, here is another heads up. This is one of those scam type of auto repair shops that tell you " I found another problem". You come in here for new brake pads and an oil change and they will claim that you got some bullsh!t problem then quote you a couple thousand dollars. After the guy checked my car, he found what I already knew. He found one of my break pads were worn out. He quoted me some ridiculous amount. It was like $500 or something. Yeah, that would work if I was some ditzy bleached blonde chick from Newport Beach or one of those college kids from Scottsdale(believe me those guys are stupid), but there ain't no fooling me. He also said I had some kind of engine problem which he quoted me at $5000 or something. I actually stopped listening about 10 minutes before he quoted me because I knew I had stepped in the bullsh!t. I drove my car away and asked a guy at the AM/PM, and he told me to take it to some guy named Lee who was a across the street from Larry's. He quoted me $15 for the oil change, $120 for the brake pads and found no problem with my engine at all. I came to the conclusion that Larry tries to rip off very wealthy Orange County elitists who don't have any clue about auto maintenance. Those guys are probably the only people who would fall for a scam and pay $1000 for an oil change or something. You should see the testimonials on Larry's personal website. They all look like they were written by the same guy. Literally, they all look like: "Yo my name is Nicky. Larry ain't bad. Larry is good .Capisce?" What can I say...
M C.
I should have wrote this review months ago but finally having the time now. I was very displeased with Larry's Independent Service. Driving home to LA from a weekend getaway in San Diego, my car gave out, out of nowhere, on the freeway. AAA towed my car to the nearest place, which happened to be Larry's. What a mistake. At first they couldn't figure out what the problem was right away and they told me the car would have to be there for a while, perhaps days to a week to figure it out (no problem, I understand, and didn't really have a choice, my car was stuck there, miles away from where I live in North Hollywood). I trusted this place since AAA had brought me here, but I really learned my lesson. Later that day, I rented a car from an car rental that was next door to Larry's, drove back up to LA and had work that very next day. When I phoned Larry's to check up on the car two days later, he told me the Catalytic converter blew out, there was an electrical problem with the engine leading to the valve gasket to blow and leak causing the problem, new wires were needed, blah blah blah. They gave me an estimate of $4,000 in repairs that would need to be done to get the car running. I couldn't believe it. Where would I get this money from? There had to be some other way. So I asked Larry himself if ANYTHING at all would be covered, parts, etc. ANYTHING from the damage he told me. He said he called Chevy and that there was absolutely no way anything would be covered under my warranty, that no matter what, I would have to pay. I made a few phone calls to local auto places in my neighborhood of LA...when I told them exactly what Larry told me, none of them quoted me that much money. I took it even further, and called my car company, Chevrolet, in regards to the warranty and what would be covered, if anything, and prayed for a miracle. My car was already past the mileage for the warranty and the time frame...so I wasn't expecting much. However, Chevy told me that most parts would be covered under the power-tran warranty!! (basically, everything Larry said was a lie and he just wanted to screw me because he knew my car was stuck in Orange county and there was nothing I could do about it). So...I called a cheap cheap towing company. Told Larry not to touch my car. That I was picking it up and towing it back to LA. Paid him money for looking at the car (think it was a little over $100) And took my car to a Chevy dealership in Burbank. I was very very LUCKY, because after a week of having it in the shop, my car was fixed, ALL PARTS AND LABOR WERE COVERED and I didn't have to pay a dime. I would have been $4000 in debt ! And all it cost me was the rental car for this amount of time (about two weeks) and the towing the car back to LA. I didn't appreciate Larry's Independent Auto taking advantage of me. Besides this, they weren't very personable or helpful. And I didn't get a good vibe from the start. So I wouldn't trust them. My advice to you: make sure you look into everything yourself. The internet is a valuable tool. Ask around. Get third and fourth opinions from outside places. And don't trust anyone just because they are 'professionals' in the business. Best of luck
Kathy Y.
I was quoted $1500 for replacing a radiator and a thermostat from the Mazda dealership. Larry did the job for 1/2 the price. Great Service !!! BEST PRICE IN TOWN !Quick service I will take all my cars to Larry from here on.
A Google User
A Google User
Natalie was very helpful. I called at 11 am and got my specialized rotors and pads replaced by 5:30. Thank you guys! I'll be back and so will my friends and colleagues.
Nick B.
I had read great reviews online about Larry's Independent Service, and decided to stop in for an oil change as the shop was near my job in southern Orange County (this was in the summer of 2009). I don't doubt that other people have had fantastic experiences with them, but in my case, choosing to trust Larry's with my car was certainly a mistake. After they completed a simple oil change, I was told that my Infiniti I30t's power steering pump was leaking and needed to be replaced at a cost of approximately $1,200. The next morning, I awake to find a huge pool of fluid under my car. I drive to work, and I see a pool forming there as well. Drive home, another even larger pool of fluid the next morning. I take my car to another mechanic in south OC, and I was told that the massive oil leak was due to the oil filter being improperly secured during a botched oil change. Also, they tested my power steering pump, and determined that it was working flawlessly and was not leaking anywhere in its system. So, what did I get from my visit to Larry's? A horribly botched oil change (I could have done it better myself... and that's saying something) and a completely incorrect diagnosis which would've set me back over $1k. Stay away if you value your vehicle and your sanity.
Charles S.
These guys are great. They have a mechanic named Emerson there, this guys tells you straight no BS. An honest mechanic, wow What a great concept. I highly recommend this shop for any automotive needs.
A Google User
THE HONEST MECHANIC Thanks for being less expensive that the Lexus Dealership and doing a great honest job on my car for the past 2 years. I really appreciate you and the great service you provide for me and my family. It is great to have a mechanic you can trust.
Sukhraj B.
I don't claim to be car savvy. I can pop open the hood of my baby (a silver '05 Toyota Solara) and check the oil and other fluids and do a basic assessment. Thanks to my years at Denso I know a little about how an alternator, starter, and other car parts function but that's as far as my knowledge goes so when it came time for an oil change and my 30k check up, I trust the experts. The experts at Larry's Independent Service. Years ago, two guys set up this shop in Mission Viejo and they have been reliably servicing the area for quite some time. I can trust my car here. Why? They're AAA guaranteed. You can see that guarantee right when you walk in and you know you're in good hands. If the work is going to take longer, you can either sit and chat (guaranteed laughs there), get some work down with their free wifi service, or they'll happily shuttle you home and pick you up when your car is done. Amazing! If you need to go to work, they can either shuttle your there or give you a loaner car. Again, amazing! Granted, when you walk in the shop doesn't look too spectacular and you might be a bit skeptical but hey, it's a car repair shop. It's not going to look like sunshine and roses. These guys mean business and you might see some grease spots. You know they're working. I got my 30k and oil change done for about $200. Beauty of it is, they stock Mobil 1. I love Mobil 1. It means my car can go 10-15k miles before the oil needs to be changed again. I'm all about convenience, folks. I don't like pumping gas (wish they invented gas that went that long) or going in every 3,000 miles or 3 months for an oil change. Mobil 1 makes my life easy and it lasts me for a whole year or a little under. Plus the folks at Larry's are happy to explain my options and in a dummies version for cars. They tell it to me straight instead of shooting some mumbo jumbo car vocabulary at me. They also physically show me the problem so I can assess for myself instead coming out from the garage and telling me I have potential problems. If I can't pay right away, they tell me how long I can go before the problem becomes a major deal. If you're a regular customer, you also get discounts and coupons in the mail. You gotta love that in this recession and they always remember your name and send you updates about your car and when you might be due for maintenance. Another great added feature. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great auto service shop.
A Google User
Larry worked on my 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible--brakes, exhaust, tune up and overall condition. Thank you for keeping my car scratch free and for the pick up service.
A Google User
Larry Ray and his team of mechanics are The Real Deal, because you KNOW that you can trust them. They will inform you of what needs to be done to service your vehicle and you can be sure that the work will be done in a timely manner, for a reasonable price and you can also count on Larry to send someone to pick you up if you need a lift.
A Google User
Larrys Auto repair is one of the few auto repair facilities that I feel give honest, affordable service. I have done a lot of my own repairs on my vehicles and know what makes sense or not in the estimates shops give. For this reason I appreciate Larrys service in I am 100% confident that what they say is accurate and honest. Thank you Larry for your years of service.
A Google User
Larry is someone you can trust. Not only does he and his people do good work but they on repair what is needed. This is truly rare today. You can be sure you are going to get the most miles out of your car possible.