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Apr 5, 2012
6 years ago
- Bottom line-- Doug is a wonderful guy, tireless and kind owner, and a thorough and knowledgeable mechanic. It was my first visit there today; I took a Lexus ES 300 there hoping to get a good inspection so that I could purchase the vehicle from a private party(and I had read other reviews here!). He inspected the vehicle himself and took the time to show me the parts of the car that he was looking at, describe what they were and how they worked, without doing the mechanic 'over-my-head' talk. I didn't know he was the owner at the time. Then, while I was negotiating with the private party, I realized that he hadn't brought a document I thought I needed; Doug casually offered, "In California the pink slip will act as the Bill of Sale"-- awesome. Then, later he asked about the smog check, and since the seller hadn't brought a certificate, he explained that it was the sellers responsibility. He never tried to upsell me on doing the smog, but when I asked, said, if I bought the car, it would be an unknown variable about whether it would pass. I asked if he did smog checks, he did, and he performed the smog check immediately. Once the machine warmed up, the seller and I both breathed easy when we got the thumbs-up! Doug carefully went through the checklist of the inspection, and I was on my way(with my purchase :-). Oh, one more thing... while he was handling all of this for me, he briefly and efficiently met with a vendor, and put a kind call into an employee who hadn't bothered to call in sick. Seems to me this is a level headed guy who can handle it all. I was impressed with his honesty and would definitely go back if in the area.

Apr 30, 2011
7 years ago
my parents take there trucks there for tune ups and work they do a really good job of it. but some times it takes them a week to get one of are vehicles back plus some times they hire a new employee but doesn't do a good job. so they end up getting red of that person

Apr 30, 2010
8 years ago
The owner Doug is true to his name. One of his staff tried to rip me off and did an incompetent job diagnosing my car. Doug looked back over the papers realized what happened and called me. Then he gave me my money back for the diagnoses. Very surprised by the Honesty and Integrity, and the incompetent staff no longer has a job there.