Our Reviews

Barbara Fuchs
John's team is professional, expert and always explain things so anyone can understand. They are the best!
Christina Robertson
Always fast and courteous. John takes the time to explain all necessary repairs beforehand, which is much appreciated!
Michael Ashby
Wynne's is excellent! I recommend them to all my friends!
Bob Carpenter
We have used Wynne's for several years now for all of our car repair needs. We are very fortunate to have stumbled across this awesome team of talented mechanics! Most of all we feel that honesty is their #1 attribute and we trust them completely. We always know that we're given an honest assessment of what our vehicles need and nothing more. The work is always completed on time and they will go out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied. Excellent shop!!
Jarrett Cummings
I've been going to Wynn since it opened. Never had a bad experience. Honest, Professional, fast work every time. I would recommend them to anyone. - Jarrett Cummings
Richard & Kathryn Lauer
Wynne’s is always friendly, fairly priced, quick. Not to mention the quality mechanic and customer service! I don’t take my cars anywhere else.
Christopher Caggiano
Robert Eckenrod
Donald Ritchie
June Fox
John Beacham
Martin Earley
Always reasonable, always quality work!
Brian Pierce
I have been using Wynne’s for 15 years. John and his team are the best of the best.
Heather Davidson
Kimberly Casino
Brian Dufour
Sara Szczepanek
Jeffrey Briggs
Always good service from wynnes
Jeffrey Briggs
Always good service from wynnes
Lynne Reinert
Loida Simpson
John Beacham
John, as always service is outstanding. I am still contemplating going with your repair suggestion or trading in the 2011 Kia. Will let you know shortly.
Elizabeth Dinenna
John Gillespie
Family run business who generously opened their doors to support a training class for a number of the shops in the area.
Ralph Detwiler
Edwin Walters
Brought 2014 Mazda CX-5 in for 60,000 service. Mechanic did a great job. Would highly recommend Wynne's for service on any make or model.
Diane Mele Knebels
Dave Brewer
Stephen Dieter
Becky Zajac
Wynne's is the only place to have your vehicle serviced. You walk in and they call you by name. They give you honest advise regarding your vehicles. Thank goodness John opened his shop in Trappe. Becky Z.