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Harrison Tucker
This is the best maintenance shop I have ever used. They have done work on two of my cars and, in both cases, have gone above and beyond to fix what I would consider to be unusual issues. One issue (intermittent, loud squeaking sound) was very difficult to diagnose and I was told by multiple other places that essentially there was no point in bringing it in because they wouldn't be able to pinpoint the problem. IAM took the car until they figured out exactly what was wrong and fixed it for a fair price. They were highly commutative throughout the process. I would recommend them to anyone.
Matt Migdal
I brought my Audi A4 in for a diagnosis since I was having vibrations in the steering wheel. I was expecting either a suspension or a tire issue even though I had already tried the usual tire balance multiple times (both spin and road force). Unlike other shops, IAM was honest and said that everything was tight; they mentioned that the issue was most likely a defective tire, which is what my theory was since the issue started after I got new tires. They didn't try to convince me to make a repair that I didn't need. Other shops said control arms, bushings, rotors (which I just had turned so that wouldn't make sense, and the vibration wasn't only during braking), and a number of other things which didn't seem to add up. I checked for loose suspension parts myself and didn't notice anything, but wanted a second (or fourth/fifth) opinion. I would definitely recommend IAM and will be going there in the future.
I recommend this shop. I found about them from Yelp and read the reviews. I been unsatisfied taking my car to several places and decided to give this place a try. My diagnostic light was on and showing a camshaft problem. I took my car for an emission test which failed. The location is conveniently close to work and appreciated the drop off and pick up from work. Having only one car they took no time fixing the issue and my emission passed. They have found a kept satisfied customer and will be back for my oil changes and future needs.
Toby Rashford
The people are friendly and helpful.
Christian Beeler
Very thorough and always will get it right. Also they'll give you a ride to work and send an uber to pick you up!
Nathanael Reveal
Reliable. Trustworthy. Friendly. Honest.
Mel tha Mann
Carolyn Maher
Took great care of my Alfa Romeo and got me back on the road! Great service, great experience. Thank you!
Kevin C.
Very knowledgeable, kind, accommodating. Trust your car to people who know what they're doing!
Mason Walker
These were the best mechanics I have ever been to. I took a 2013 Subaru WRX in for a possible gasket leak, clutch replacement and new brakes. They gave me a very competitive quote on the brakes and gasket replacement then told me the clutch still had life left in it and did not need replacing. Very honest staff with a quick turn around and their text message updates were very convenient to read and respond to.
Great! Had need for quick, unscheduled repair and they came through!
Always awesome!
Everything always goes well when I take the car to IAM. I'm very happy with their service.
The service was immediate, expert and timely, as usual.
Greg Story
Matt Sump
Very nice staff. Saw me same day as I was traveling through on my way to the Tail of the Dragon and checked out some things for me. Knowledgeable staff and pricing was very fair. Good to know they're here for when I come back through next year!
Jenna Sanders
Great service and prices! Always willing to help and great at communicating.
I was very pleased with the work that performed on our 2012 fiat sport. I will return in the future for other preventive maintenance that needs to be done.
Everything was perfect and everyone there is perfect. Thanks Lori, Sam and Mike!
Always friendly, caring "honest" staff!!
They are exceptional !
no problems, got in and out first thing
Great experience every time!
As always, service was above and beyond. Thank you!
Everyone is always friendly and professional. Car issue taken care of and ready to go!
Wonderful people who do what they say when they say. Highly reccomended.
Alway nice and helpful.
Jeramie Surie-Hinsinger
Chloe S.
These people are price gougers. I went in for what I thought was an electrical issue, my headlight kept burning out when I tried to replace it. Apparently there was no issue at all, so they charges me $80 just to change out a headlight. Then they tried to convince me to let them change my oil and clean my air filter for $225 and change my wiper blades for $75 which is INSANE pricing on both. To add insult to injury they added a $3 hazardous materials fee for changing my headlight??? When I asked about it, the guy just mumbled about oil and walked away. It's only $3, I know, but it's the principle. Places like this are the reason I dread ever needing work on my car. So hard to find an honest import vehicle business.
Awesome, as always.