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Holly Tire

20% Increase In Car Count, 46% Increase In Sales

Gateway Transmissions

Doubled Car Count, 98% Increase In Sales

What We Do

MyShopManager is a Marketing & Advertising platform built specifically for independent auto repair shop owners to help you keep your bays full of quality, profitable customers!

How We Do It

Our process has been tested and perfected in our own shops PLUS hundreds of shops around the country so we can guarantee results right away!

  • Step #1

    Connect to Your Point Of Sale System

    Once you start your trial we will connect MyShopManager to your point of sale system with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

  • Step #2

    We Build You a Custom Marketing Plan

    One of our Marketing Experts will build a custom marketing and advertising plan for your shop based on the customer information we gather from your Point of Sale System. We will then deploy, monitor, and test everything for you, requiring no effort or work on your part.

  • Step #3

    Results That Make You Smile

    You will be making more money than ever before, week after week, month after month, because your bays are packed with your best and most profitable customers all the time! No more car count swings, and no more days of losing money with your guys standing around.

Immediate Results Guaranteed

At MyShopManager, we believe that if you outsource your marketing you should expect real, measureable results. For a repair shop, results are simple: Higher car counts and Increased sales.

We track everything for you and you only pay for what works!

You should NEVER pay for a marketing campaign that does not produce a profit! With our powerful tracking and reporting you will know exactly how much money you have made off of each-and-every campaign you have running. If a campaign does not produce a positive Return on Investment (you make more than you spend) we will credit 100% of your cost back to you!

No fine print, and no hassle. It works or you don't pay!

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