We fill your bays with profitable customers so you can

Grow Your Business



MyShopManager takes all the guess work out of the marketing for your shop. Our algorithm analyzes your business to determine specifically what your shop needs to grow. Then we do all the hard work. We create and automate a marketing plan for your shop that brings in profitable customers every single day.







Reach your customers with personalized text messages.
Giving customers that personal touch and showing them you care.

More Customer Contact

With a high reply rate, personal text messages are the best way to reach customers who have just had a visit, or are due for one, and boost customer visits.

Two-Way Texting

Over 50% of Americans prefer text as their #1 form of communication. With our two-way texting, you can now interact with your clients the way they want.

Unlimited Messages

Texting thread getting a little long? No worries! Send to your heart’s content with no extra charges or fees.


Create and save as many unique tracking numbers as you need so that you are never left wondering if a marketing campaign brought you customers or simply burned a hole in your wallet.
Never miss out on any opportunities.

Unlimited Numbers

Create save and track as many phone numbers as you need to properly monitor all your marketing.

Use Anywhere

Use these numbers to track marketing through any channel. Advertising in the local paper? Use a unique number. Running a promotion on the radio? No problem use one of our numbers.

Call Results

See where every call is coming from so you never waste another dollar on a marketing campaign that is not performing.


Three obstacles stand in the way of email success. Getting the email opened. Having the email read. Getting an actual response.
MyShopManager emails are meticulously crafted to easily hurdle all three obstacles.

Spark Interest

Nothing turns people off to emails more than a salesy appearance. We send emails to customers from you with subject lines you’d actually write.

Get Attention

You have just a few seconds to capture someone’s attention. Don’t waste them. We keep our emails short, sweet, and to the point.


No one responds to emails that look auto-genererated. With ours, you won't be able to tell the difference, and neither will your customers.


98% of people check their mail every single day! Our direct mail campaigns are designed to stop your customers dead in their tracks and demand their attention. Lost customer re-activation campaigns, monthly promotions, new customer acquisition...
We’ve got the perfect piece ready to go.

How We Do It

Everything starts with a risk free 30 day trial so you can see real results in your shop.

     Connect to Your Point Of Sale System

Once you start your trial we will connect MyShopManager to your point of sale system with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

     Analyze your business

Every shop is different and so are their marketing needs. Once your reports are generated we will analyze your business and determine the fastest most effective way to increase your profit. Maybe you need new customers. Maybe you need to get your existing customers back more frequently. Whatever the case we will figure it out.

     We Build You a Custom Marketing Plan

Once we know what your shop needs we present you with a custom marketing plan. Once you give us the green light we will deploy, monitor, and test everything for you, requiring no effort or work on your part.

     Results That Make You Smile

Imagine waking up every day knowing you will have your bays filled with quality profitable customers. Now stop imagining and start experiencing. That’s exactly what we provide for thousands of shops every day.


At MyShopManager, we believe that if you outsource your marketing you should expect real, measureable results. For a repair shop, results are easy to measure: Higher customer counts and Increased sales.

We track everything for you and you only pay for what works!

You should NEVER pay for a marketing campaign that does not produce a profit!

With our powerful tracking and reporting you will know exactly how much money you have made off of each-and-every campaign you have running. If a campaign does not produce a positive Return on Investment (you make more than you spend) we will credit 100% of your cost back to you!

No fine print, and no hassle. It works or you don't pay!


It takes less than five minutes.